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Advocacy Work

AIUSA Denounce Torture - Campaign Director

Campaign Director for one of Amnesty International's highest priority campaigns, Denounce Torture. Managed a cross departmental team of international lawyers, lobbyists, media professionals, fund-raising consultants, and grassroots organizers for the "American I Believe In" campaign. (The above link was a video w/ filmmaker Oliver Stone, done at one of our events.)

AIUSA Hip Hop Event Web - 279
Juneteenth, Right of Habeas Concert - Creator, Producer & Event Promoter - Washington DC's 930 Club

With 2 weeks from creation to execution and a $5,000 budget, secured a coalition that sold out the 930 club in Washington, DC. Notable acts included San Jose’s Shamako Noble, who heads up Hip Hop Congress; the Source magazine editor/activist Biko Baker; and popular artists such as M-1 of dead prez, Umi of the RBG Family, Grammy-nominated rapper Mystic and Mississippi artist Kamikaze. Hip-hop organizations ranging from the Universal Zulu Nation to Hip Hop Caucus to the League of Hip Hop Voters to the National Hip Hop Political Convention (NHHPC) were also in attendance.

Progressive Democrats of America - CO-Founder & National Deputy Director

Led the initial development of progressive caucuses within state Democratic parties in battleground states under the organization Progressive Vote. During the DNC convention, Progressive Vote merged with Progressive Democrats of America as their field organization. We focused on field strategy, coalition partners, and political alliances on Capitol Hill. These strategies have directly resulted in several members of the House being elected and the passage of key legislation on the Hill.

Kucinich for President - National Field Director

Promoted to National Field Director for the Kucinich Presidential campaign just weeks before Iowa. Hired and managed over 26 field offices and their staff. Responsible for advertising and field budgets in key battle states. We eventually took the race all they way to the DNC convention in 2004 in Boston. Leveraged the progressive voter momentum from this campaign to establish Progressive Vote, which later became Progressive Democrats of America

AZ Death Penalty Forum - Co-Founder & Board Member

Shortly after Ray Krone (100th Death Row inmate to be exonerated) was released from Death Row in Arizona, Amnesty International and ACLU funded this project based on the vision to put an end to the Death Penalty in Arizona and champion this work across the Nation. Founding members include (now) Congress member Kyrsten Sinema, Sister Helen Prejean, Kathy Norgard and others.

Rendition, The Movie - Researcher, Advocacy Promoter & Activation

As a result of the "Denounce Torture" Campaign, Amnesty International was selected to vet, verify, and contribute to this movie. Leveraged the release of this movie to influence members of Congress and the public opinion through a nationwide "watch & letter write" campaign.

10 Years, Wasteland Music Video - Researcher, Contributor & Talent Coordinator

Selected by Artists for Amnesty to research, interview, and coordinate film crews to capture video of prisoners of conscious who were successfully saved through Amnesty driven letter-writing campaigns. (Video)

Cristine Cegelis for Congress - Campaign Manager

Henry Hide (R) was forced into retirement by a mother with no political experience running against him in 2004 and him nearly losing his seat. Rather than the Democratic Party supporting her for a second run in 2006, they put up an outsider backed by Rahm Emanuel. I came in after the campaign exploded due to this outside pressure. With 6 weeks left. We raised and spent just under $2 million to their $8 million, only to lose by 1 1/2 votes per precinct. I consider that a victory! For more details, see the link above.

What Went Wrong in Ohio: The Conyers Report on the 2004 Presidential Election
Conyers Hearings & Report, 2004 - Organizer & Lobbyist

Being an active Field Director for both Dennis Kucinich then Progressive Democrats of America in 2004, I was able to get active reports from the ground by officials on many irregularities that lead to voter suppression. Tim Carpenter and myself lobbied Congress and built coalitions on behalf of PDA membership. To which end, we provided testimony, facts and were in the front lines during the hearings. Alongside was author/writer William Rivers Pitt who recorded it all. See the above link for his recap. The "Conyers Report" can be found on Amazon. C-SPAN Video

Digital Work

Co-Founder, Director of Strategy

One of the co-founders and Managing Director of V Digital Services department for Voice Media Group. Within 2 years the agency saw 800% growth year-over-year. Services include SEO, Paid Media (PPC, Display, Social, etc.), Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Programatic, Real Time Bidding and overall digital marketing. Currently we have built partnership with other altweeklies, radio and TV broadcast companies who are white labeling and reselling our services. Clients range from national wine and spirit campaigns to local brick and mortar shops. Clients included: American Apparel, Bedmart, Fascinations, Live Nation / TicketMaster, Ovation Brands, Chevy, Anheuser-Busch and more.

Product Development Director

Developed and managed key partnerships including an exclusive partnership syndicating all of Voice Places events into Foursquare for a web service / mobile app which showcases professional and user-generated reviews from local authorities including professional critics and authors.

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Community Architect / Social Media Director

Director of all social web and user generated content strategy within Voice Media Group's ecosystem of content. Voice Media Group owns New York Village Voice, LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times, Denver Westword, Houston Press, Dallas Observer, St. Louis RFT, Miami New Times, Minneapolis City Pages, OC Weekly & Broward/Palm Beach New Times, Topless Robot, and Toke of the Town. The collective VMG community is nearly 4 million community members (social and email.) By implementing Livefyre, opt-in automated marketing, and #demandgen content on social and email channels I was able to grow the active user base to over 6 million (monetizable) engaged re-marketers a day whom shared, linked, commented, and/or contributed to content.

Social Media Marketing - Sixthman, Music Festivals at Sea

Sixthman sets the stage for our guests to experience moments that make life rock by creating festivals at sea that tear down the walls between bands, brands and their fans. As their main digital consultant for new travelers I helped drive ads to sell out each tour. This involved with working with various record labels, artists fan pages and the talent's digital assets. Tours included: Alabama Festival at Sea, Simple Man Cruise VII, Kid Rock Cruise, 311, The Rockboat, and Mountain Song at Sea.

Director of Product Development & Marketing - GannettLocal (G/O Digital)

I led product innovation teams, campaign optimization, and vertical "go-to-market" strategy of Gannett's "GannettLocal" division. I identified and collected key market information, using quantitative and qualitative research. I worked closely with the Sales, Digital Fulfillment, and Finance teams as well as outside consultants/agencies on product strategy and road map. The departments and products I managed saw over 500% growth during my leadership. Clients included: Chevy, Ford, USA Today, Popeyes (national chain), Wendy's (national chain), Anheuser-Busch and more.

Activating Word of Mouth - Shawne Merriman

At the time the NFL was trying to figure out social media policies for key contract players, and the use of social media licensing endorsements, we put them to the challenge. My agency at the time (Activating Word of Mouth) hosted a "tweetup" which was live broadcasted via partnerships with Mashable, #12Seconds, TwitVid, and Seesmic.TV, we managed to secure sponsors outside his NFL contract of over $35k for that evening, and broadcast it to over 150k viewers live. This challenged current NFL policies at the time and forced CAA to challenge it's internal policy on social media and their sport contracts.

Founder & CEO

This was my first startup coming out of the grassroots and political world. PR needed to embrace the social web more and harness the viral possibilities. This was in 2008-2009. I eventually closed the company down and sold the IP to several notable PR Web 2.0 companies that are still using the technology today.

PoliTechs.TV - Co-Host

Video and Audio Podcast with both right and left wing perspective and experience from the campaign trail. We had several notable social media "personalities" on the show which led to a quick, but short lived, viral adoption. After several speaking engagements, we hung up the show and never did a second season. We had 23 episodes.

Creator & Blogger

I created a site to host a community of contributing open minds. Real Voices. Real Concern. Real Matters. No pundits, no celebrities, no politicians, and no spin. A place for reality! Policy debates are often structured by talking heads and politicos that are detached from the realities and opinions of every day folk. This mission: "This is a place for us. Our voices and our concerns. We welcome you all! We have only one rule! RESPECT of each others views." At the high point we had over 2k of unique visits a week, over 25 contributors, and more than 600 socially engaged commenters and followers.