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Recently I have worked with many non-traditional ecommerce businesses which had many limitations on "traditional" ecommerce sites (Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) I went back 10 years to go after CSE (Comparison Shopping Engine) marketing.

With this came the need to up our game on SKU level SEO on dying engines (, BizRate, etc.) I came across this great platform called which changes our game.

This gave us scaleability to mass edit feeds, translate to various templates, A/B test, etc. But most importantly, gave us market data on new marketplaces and CSEs based on DTINs and SKU level comparison shopping insights.

This lead me to really dive into the importance of Google's micro-moments. Users are no longer loyal to platforms. Loyalty has become a "lack of better option." If you can get it faster and cheaper, shoppers will go there.

This combined with this wonderful podcast on Amazon SEO has triggered this quick blog posts. This podcast features Danny McMillan who is an expert seller on Amazon. In this episode, he breaks down Amazon ranking factors, how to set up your page, how to drive awareness and sales and tons more!

This is a must listen for anyone interested in ranking and selling in Amazon – OR if you have clients that want to leverage the power of Amazon.


Take a listen. Here is the Agenda of this podcast:


Danny’s Background as a Breakbeat Producer

Selling on Amazon

  • What is FBA?
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • International Selling & Translations

Ranking In Amazon

  • Ranking Factors
  • How to run test and important metrics
  • Creating visibility

Keyword Research for Amazon

  • Finding Keywords
  • Figuring out search volume
  • Determining difficulty
  • Tracking rankings


  • Store setup tips and requirements
  • Mobile optimization
  • On page Rankings factors and best practices

Amazon vs Your Own eCommerce Site

  • When to move to your own domain
  • Conversion rate considerations

Promoting Amazon listings outside of Amazon

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Deal sites
  • Ranking Amazon listings in Google?

Here is a great Amazon Ranking 101 Infograph:

SEO Your Product on Amazon
Ranking on Amazon

(Side note: I plan to blog quickly, more when I think of something mid-project. So bare with typo's and random thoughts. I post as I feel and not overthink, or I would never post.)


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