1. RhonaWilkins says:

    As an advertiser I have honestly found Facebook ads to be horrible.  The cpcs are way to high and the conversions are awful.  I don’t know how anyone gets it to work there.  I think distribution is the key element of marketing.  Instead of Facebook, try Outbrain or Adblade.  Both have serious scale and great conversions.

    • kspidel says:

      I love outbrain and adblade. I still use them. But personal marketing through the funnel and harnessing custom audiences has been the best ROI on the web for me and my clients. It’s a different science.

  2. Y0universe says:

    Dude, your stuff on FB PPC is pure gold. Seriously. And I NEVER leave behind comments on these things. I think I’ve learned more about PPC management in that entire piece than my entire 2 years at my previous agency. Thank you so much.

  3. Brian Thill says:

    Excellent article from an excellent team up there at Voice Media Group!! I never leave posts but you deserve props for this 101 lesson!! I made attempts to comment on this article, and in doing so, dropped my phone causing it to shatter and didn’t notice I posted on your other article entitled http://www.kevinspidel.com/activating-communities-around-brands-azima-presentation-8-22-13/.  That article was good, but this article is just like Youniverse said ” Pure Gold.” I LITERALLY busted my phone reading it!!   I am forwarding this to various buddies that bug me about this topic all the time, as I am also a Facebook ad evangelist. Thanks Kevin!

    • Kevin Spidel says:

      Yikes! Sorry about your phone! Glad this was of help. That is a lot of info to read on a phone. Did the links and everything work? Thanks for this feedback. It makes me feel I should take out more time to write about performance hacks on FB more! THANKS!

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